Ballet Beautiful

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Hello again. Today I am writing a more cultural and sporty post. In which way? Ballet!

Why Ballet? Because I took classical ballet classes since I was four years old. It is just is a part of me. I had a performance yesterday at the theater in Schiedam with the full dance department of my sports club. So I am totally inspired.


Fashion flashback: Chanel’s LBD


Schermafbeelding 2015-05-31 om 13.24.44Here I am again!

It is a Sunday, so it is time for a fashion flashback. Well, the moment you open my blog it may be clear: I love Chanel. Therefore I chose this unique and outstanding haute couture house to write about today. Chanel makes me naturally think of a couple of products: pearls, tweed jackets, N5 perfume and of course the little black dress. This post is dedicated to this fashion statement and the women that freed us from the corset.

Trend Thursday

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Hi guys!

Today I will show you an upcoming trend in the Netherlands. It’s a kind of pink, winged trend, I would say. Are you curious?

Happy First Birthday to Suits Stefanie!

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Today is my first birthday!

Not mine, but Suits Stefanie is one year old today. And I am still the very proud owner of it! I made a dream come true by starting it a year ago and I am just as happy as I was the very first day I threw it online!

Firstly, I want to thank the person that made me do it! You told me I could, and so I did. You know who you are. Besides that I wanted to thank all readers and followers so much. The last five months my blog gained a lot of followers. I was so surprised because this was a totally new but very positive development for me. It really feels like appreciation of what I’m writing. And every time you are commenting on my posts, or liking things I am extra proud. I’m glad that my posts inspire you. That’s the main reason why I started it anyway!

Last time I was a bit busy with my bachelor thesis, but I have exciting post in mind for the future. I still have to tell you about my last weekend to Milan and some other awesome trends I spotted online and on the streets. So… I think that’s enough reason to stay in touch!

Oh and btw, if you want to know more about the girl behind the blog; add me on INSTAGRAM

Love, Stefanie 

Most amazing head pieces from last nights MET gala New York


Hi guys!

Probably the moment you opened your Facebook you got an overload of pictures from last night’s Met Ball in New York. Every year the organization of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art throws a party because of the opening of a new special exhibition. This year the exhibition is characterized by China and called China: Through the looking glass. The exposition shows how the old Chinese aesthetics influence the western fashion image and how China is always been a subject to fashion fantasies. Like every year, the ball was a huge fashion event. This year the dress code was Chinese Whispers. After searching through all the beautiful pictures, there was one accessories that stood out in a lot of outfits. And what a coincidence; China was highly represented in the accessories in flowers and flames! Curious what accessory it was?


Inspired: Inspirations by Dries van Noten

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Ciao everyone!
Like I told you in my post yesterday; something more cultural on my blog today. Why on a fashion blog? Because it combines the best of the two. During my stay in Antwerp I visited the MoMu; Mode Museum a.k.a. Fashion Museum. I had this visit planned even before I knew that I was actually going to visit Antwerp, because I really wanted to see this exhibition. And.. It was worth the wait. Curious?IMG_9070

Shoplog Antwerp

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DSC_2323Hi guys! This time I am writing a shoplog; this is the first time so don’t be too hard on me. Last weekend I visited Antwerp with my mom and sister. We had a very nice weekend and done a lot of shopping and some cultural stuff I will write about in another post. Curious where I went and what I bought?

Fashion Flashback: Max Mara’s Camel Coats


Who thinks about Max Mara, thinks about the amazing coats. During Vogue Fashion Night Out Milan I had the opportunity to visit the actual Max Mara shop at the Corso Vittorio Emanuelle. I don’t really like this expression, but ‘o my god’, those coats were amazing. If my budget had allowed it, I would have bought them all.
Last week I promised more fashion flashbacks, if you girls liked them, and so you did. That’s why today I will give to a peek into the history of this authentic haute couture house. Curious?

MAX's jassen

Fashion flashback: The New Look – Dior


Ciao Belle!  I have been so busy the last days, but I really had the intention to write a new post at least every week. My last post was Thursday, last week so I’m just in time for a new one. What was I doing all week? Working, writing my bachelor thesis, and visiting the university. My thesis will be about fashion articles in two Dutch newspapers btw! I really like it to scroll through those old articles about trends that were going on the last 20 years. The articles inspired me to write about fashion history. Where better to start then at a world famous couture house, Dior. Does ‘The New Look’ sound familiar to you? Please continue to see the most beautiful authentic looks that are so significant for Dior…new_look_vignette_chapitre

New summer shoes: Flats vs. Espadrilles


Hi everyone!chanel flats

Last few days I almost drowned in all the new follower messages! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that you all are a fan of my blog and want to read it!

So, having said that, a new article. A current dilemma i’m dealing with; flats vs espadrilles. I got some amazing examples which I would love to see in my shoe cabinet. Curious?